Exodus:More Fact Than Fiction
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2018-04-08 20:32:06 UTC
John Locke
2018-04-08 21:41:25 UTC
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...The Exodus is all fiction and no fact. It's time to put
this Exodus nonsense to bed:

"Despite attempts by a number of biblical archaeologists — and an even
larger number of amateur enthusiasts — over the years, credible direct
archaeological evidence for the Exodus has yet to be found.
While it can be argued that such evidence would be difficult to find,
since nomads generally do not leave behind permanent installations,
archaeologists have discovered and excavated nomadic emplacements from
other periods in the Sinai desert.

So if there were archaeological remains to be found from the Exodus,
one would have expected them to be found by now. And yet, thus far
there is no trace of the biblical "600,000 men on foot, besides
children" plus "a mixed crowd...and live stock in great numbers"
(Exod. 12:37-38) who wandered for forty years in the desert."

Eric H. Cline, Dept. of Anthropology, Colombian College

"There is no archaeological evidence of the Exodus event, in which
600,000 men were supposed to have participated, which means two
million people including families, for the simple reason that of all
the surveys conducted in Egypt, not one has revealed any activity in
this period. The event of the Exodus from Egypt as described in the
Bible is probably an event that never took place.

"As an archaeologist and scientist, I can judge only according to
findings, and the findings do not support the myth of the Exodus. The
fact is that no Egyptian document has yet been found that describes an
historic event of an exodus out of Egypt of such proportions. People
left, people went back, people fled, but on a very small scale and not
on the scale as described in the Bible."

Dr. Yitzhak Paz, senior archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities
Meteorite Debris
2018-04-08 23:16:39 UTC
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How come it took 40 years to walk just a few hundred kilometres? Does
God need a better GPS system so that next time he doesn't go Egypt-
Palestine via China?

Even in Genesis Joseph, his brothers and father went down to Egypt
several ties, apparently more quickly. Abraham also quickly went to
Egypt. And in Matthew the other Joseph went down and back from Egypt
while Jesus was still a pup. Why, it seems the Palestine-Egypt highway
must have had rest stops for all the traffic. In fact if going over land
was going to be so problematic why did God not just build a boat and
just float the 2-3 million refugees there. It was a trick God had used
to save every single species. Instead the god powerful enough to flood
the whole world got lost in the desert. Silly god.

How come 2-3 million refugees left behind no evidence of their
Yap Honghor
2018-04-08 23:42:33 UTC
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More fact that no Egyptians would allow their slaves to escape en mass.
If they could have so many slaves, they possessed the means to prevent that from happening....logical would tell you that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gospel TT
2018-04-09 01:12:00 UTC
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Us Christian's no that every story in the Bible is true.