Dissent from Darwin
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As I posted recently - life is like fire. The shape of a fire isn't much affected by the spark that ignited it, but rather by the fuel it consumes. Little or nothing about evolution depends on the spark that was the first replicator, or how that came to be. And, like a forest fire, life has probably consumed all evidence of the spark that ignited it.
Who gives a shit what brain-dead garbage you post? Listen, Mac, did
you actually think we were having a debate here? hahaha :) I'm just
here to tell you how it is, ok? Whether you accept it or not is
totally irrelevant, get it?



Over 600 doctoral scientists from around the world have now signed a
statement publicly expressing their skepticism about the contemporary
theory of Darwinian evolution. The statement, located online at
www.dissentfromdarwin.org, reads: "We are skeptical of claims for the
ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the
complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian
theory should be encouraged."

The fastest growing segment of the list is scientists from outside the
United States. International scientists now represent just over 12%
of all signers, and as a group has seen nearly 40% growth in the past
four months.

"I signed the Scientific Dissent From Darwinism statement, because I
am absolutely convinced of the lack of true scientific evidence in
favour of Darwinian dogma," said Raul Leguizamon, M. D., Pathologist,
and a professor of medicine at the Autonomous University of
Guadalajara, Mexico.

"Nobody in the biological sciences, medicine included, needs Darwinism
at all," added Leguizamon. "Darwinism is certainly needed, however, in
order to pose as a philosopher, since it is primarily a worldview. And
an awful one, as Bernard Shaw used to say."

The list of 610 signatories includes member scientists from National
Academies of Science in Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India
(Hindustan), Nigeria, Poland, Russia and the United States. Many of
the signers are professors or researchers at major universities and
international research institutions such as Cambridge University,
British Museum of Natural History, Moscow State University, Masaryk
University in Czech Republic, Hong Kong University, University of
Turku in Finland, Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Mexico,
University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Institut de Pal?ontologie
Humaine in France, Chitose Institute of Science & Technology in Japan,
Ben-Gurion University in Israel, MIT, The Smithsonian and Princeton.

"Dissent from Darwinism has gone global," said Discovery Institute
President Bruce Chapman, former US Ambassador to the United Nations in
Vienna. "Darwinists used to claim that virtually every scientist in
the world held that Darwinian evolution was true, but we quickly
started finding US scientists that disproved that statement. Now we're
finding that there are hundreds, and probably thousands, of scientists
all over the world that don't subscribe to Darwin's theory."

Discovery Institute first published its Scientific Dissent From
Darwinism list in 2001 to challenge false statements about Darwinian
evolution made in promoting PBS's "Evolution" series. At the time it
was claimed that "virtually every scientist in the world believes the
theory to be true."

Prominent signatories include U.S. National Academy of Sciences member
Philip Skell; American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow -Lyle Jensen; evolutionary biologist and textbook author
Stanley Salthe; Smithsonian Institution evolutionary biologist and a
researcher at the National Institutes of Health's National Center for
Biotechnology Information Richard von Sternberg; Editor of Rivista di
Biologia / Biology Forum --the oldest still published biology journal
in the world--Giuseppe Sermonti; and Russian Academy of Natural
Sciences embryologist Lev Beloussov.




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Post by Jahnu
Who gives a shit what brain-dead garbage you post?
Listen, Mac, did you actually think we were having a
debate here? hahaha :) I'm just here to tell you how it
is, ok? Whether you accept it or not is totally
irrelevant, get it?

Well, thanks for clarifying. Given that you're posting
nothing of any value whatsoever then one can ignore your
posts without response. Consider it done.
"The most unsettling aspect of my atheism for Christians is
when they realize that their Bible has no power to make me
wince. They are used to using it like a cattle prod to get
people to cower into compliance." - Author unknown
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Post by Dexter
Well, thanks for clarifying. Given that you're posting
nothing of any value whatsoever then one can ignore your
posts without response. Consider it done.
You're babbling. You wouldn't recognize the value of life if it fell
on your tiny pointy head,


Oct 26, 2010

Two recent articles about insects call for the ring buoy on the H.M.S.
Darwin. The first is about fossil amber from India, reported by the
BBC News. We have complete, three-dimensionally preserved specimens
that are 52 million years old, one of the discoverers announced with
astonishment, and you can handle them almost like living ones. The
insects are so perfectly preserved they look like they could crawl out
if released from their gooey prison.

Several things about the discovery challenge conventional evolutionary
wisdom. One is that they contradict the theory of endemism, the
notion that organisms living in isolation will tend to become more
unique. The insects found resemble those from other parts of the
world. Gondwana and Laurasia were supposed to have drifted apart
slowly for 100 million years, but here in the Indian amber, the
diversity of insects resembles specimens from Asia, Africa, and even
South America. ?This means that, despite millions of years in
isolation in the ocean, the region was a lot more biologically diverse
that previously believed.? To rescue the theory, the team envisioned
insects flying long distances or drifting on ocean currents.

Another challenge from these fossils is that rain forests were not
supposed to exist in this region 50 million years ago. Finding
evidence of a tropical environment twice as old as previously thought,
the team had to say that they hadn?t found such environments before
because "fossil deposits are simply very uncommon in tropical

A photo with the article shows where the amber samples were found in
lignite mines in western India.

New Scientist also reported the story, underscoring the falsifying
evidence that calls for theory revision: "India spent tens of millions
of years as an island before colliding with Asia. Yet the fossil
record contains no evidence that unique species evolved on the
subcontinent duringthis time, so India may not have been as isolated
as it seemed to be."

Living insects defy evolution, too. The Guardian wrote a fascinating
article about honeybees? computational abilities. Bees can solve
complex mathematical problems which keep computers busy for days,
research has shown. One well-known puzzle, the so-called traveling
salesman or Chinese postman problem, tries to solve for the optimal
route between a number of points. Computers have to calculate every
route and then try to solve for the shortest one. Bees, however,
manage to reach the same solution using a brain the size of a grass

This is, in fact, their specialty: Foraging bees solve travelling
salesman problems every day. They visit flowers at multiple locations
and, because bees use lots of energy to fly, they find a route which
keeps flying to a minimum. A team at the University of London thinks
humans could learn from honeybees how to solve such problems more
efficiently. Despite their tiny brains bees are capable of
extraordinary feats of behaviour, a researcher remarked, daring not
explain how a brain the size of a grass seed can outwit our best

Darwinism is like the patient who has more bandages than skin, or the
traveling salesman that lost money on every sale but thought he could
make it up in volume. In either case, the outcome will not be pretty.
Time for a body transplant and a new product.